Kashkuanashku - Our New Beaver Animal Ambassador

Amy Henson

Amy can be found searching for sea stars in tidal pools, snorkelling with seals, paddling the wild woods of Northern Ontario, and saving the planet one small action at a time. Meet her in the Lakes and Rivers Lab at Science North and follow her on Twitter @scicommAmy

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14 Responses

  1. Brian Potts says:

    Clifford (Copper Clifford)

  2. Nathalie says:

    Unfortunately I don’t like any of the names.

  3. Luker says:

    Name it Northern.

  4. B. Westby says:

    I suggest Lumber Jack. My daughter wants Polkadot

  5. Marbear says:

    I was thinking Nickelback …Nick for short…since we have a great big nickel at Dynamic Earth…& of course the beaver is on the nickel. 🙂

  6. Donat says:

    You can call him Chipper

  7. Curious says:

    When does voting close for naming Kash?

  8. Varney says:

    I think Buster the Beaver… From the Gr.2/3 class at Cyril Varney

  9. Varney says:

    Flanagan after Tom Flanagan who first discovered nickel ore in Sudbury back in 1883.

  10. KM says:

    My niece suggests Chip as a great name for a beaver.

  11. Lily J says:

    He is so cute please keep the name “kash”

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